I provide a range of counselling to children, adolescents, families and adults. I have had extensive experience in providing therapeutic support for children and adolescents who have experienced trauma (including childhood sexual assault), grief and loss, developmental concerns, emotional and behavioural concerns and attachment disruption. When working with children, I'm also committed to working closely with parents and carers in building their own knowledge and skills to support children in their day to day life.

I work with adults in exploring their past experiences and how these may impact their current day to day life, relationships and own parenting. I also have specialised experience in working with adult survivors of trauma and childhood trauma. I utilise a range of models and theories in my therapeutic work, including developmental and attachment frameworks, psychobiology of trauma, play therapy, CBT and EMDR Therapy. 

I am a Marte Meo Therapist and Supervisor. Marte Meo is a model of developmental support that can be utilised across a range of concerns and ages. Marte Meo analyises video footage of child and parent/carer interactions to read the developmental message behind 'problem' behaviours. I also utilises Marte Meo to support communication processes between couples, and between children and their parents/carers.

You are most welcome to contact me by email or phone (0415 727733) to talk through any counselling needs, or to seek further information about my therapeutic approach.

Consultancy and Supervision

I provide external supervision and consultancy to a range of professionals working with children and families. This includes professionals working in the child protection, out of home care and early childhood sectors, and therapeutic services. The external supervision and consultation I deliver is informed by Reflective Practice and I provide both individual and group/agency supervision and consultation.

If you have any further consultation or supervision enquiries, or would like to discuss your needs further, you can email or phone me (0415 727733).


I deliver training to organisations on a range of topics including; Attachment, Complex Trauma, Early Brain Development, Foster Care and Marte Meo. I am also a trainer for the Association of Children's Welfare Agencies state wide calendar (CCWT Calendar). If you or your agency are interested in training, please contact me to discuss your training ideas and needs.

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